Sanderson  Marek
The S&M Comedy Podcast is an interview-based comedy podcast.  It was created by Steve Marek & Jamie Sanderson in Feb 2010 as a way to cultivate public awareness of the local PHX Comedy Scene, and a way for two wallflowers to get to know the performers around town on a more personal level.

The original concept of the podcast was to profile the sundry characters swirling around PHX Comedy and push these conversations out into the public as a supplement to the shows, thereby creating a deeper appreciation for local comedy, much as learning the struggles and strife highlighted in a “behind the music” documentary will greatly improve admiration for an already favorite band.

Since its inception, the podcast has grown as a hub for performers to learn more about their peers and receive advice on writing, performing, and promotion from whatever national touring comedians Jamie & Steve can get their claws into.  With over 1000 unique visits per week on the website and countless iTunes downloads, the S&M Comedy Podcast continues to grow and strive along with the performers that comprise our beloved PHX Comedy Scene!

Jamie Sanderson

Jamie Sanderson is half of S&M Comedy.  Sanderson.  Begins with S.  Get it?

Jamie began doing stand-up in February 2010 at the Hidden House in Phoenix, and has continued with a voracity known only to chronic overeaters and crazy cat ladies.  Conveniently, Jamie is both a chronic overeater and a crazy cat lady.  In February 2011, Jamie & Steve created the S&M Comedy Podcast, and in June 2011, they began running Thursday Night Comedy at Monkey Pants in Tempe.  In August 2012, they created S&M Comedy Presents, a monthly series of bizarrely themed comedy shows, designed for the small black box theatre instead of the comedy club.

In addition to stand-up, podcasting, blogging and producing shows, Jamie is a member of the shortform improv troupe at the Dave Thurston Improvised Comedy Club, and studies longform improv at The Torch Theatre.

Steve Marek

Steve Marek is the other half of the S&M duo.

“Who the hell is Steve Marek?!” -Almost Everyone

I currently a reside in Phoenix where I do stand-up, storytelling, co-host a podcast and journal my personal experiences. For the past 3 years, I’ve been on stage in one form or another, entertaining crowds to the best of my ability. I enjoy engaging an audience with humor based on my own life and observations as well as stories of things that I experience.

I am also the co-creator of the S&M Comedy Podcast, a bi-monthly podcast that converses with local and national comedians/performers about their writing style and comedic development. S&M Comedy has also become its own entity, producing comedic themed shows at the local black box theater, Space 55. Shows that have been produced include, story-telling, a poetry slam, and a show that is purely comedic riffing/improving.

In the past few months I have also started taking classes and performing long-form improv at the Torch Theater. Improv is another outlet for doing comedy, and training to work on creating a scene in the moment has always been appealing to me.

I realize all of this is rather self-indulgent, but screw it, I made a choice to be on stage.